Program summaries for Learning Works, and for selected programs, some additional resources for listeners to follow up on the program.

June 2011

Case Study – Pasti Italiani e Servizi per Anziani; The Last Round Up! Building Family Resilience; Hive! An Initiative for Youth - City of Tea Tree Gully; Libraries into the Future.

May 2011

Unlocking Community Power and Creativity; Lifelong Learning at 94!; Celebrating Community Centres …. and our Volunteers Parts 1 and 2; Law Week in South Australia – Parts 1 and 2; Film Reviews – Source Code; Literate Australia; Redundancy – Making the Transition back into the Workforce; The WEA in South Australia – 98 and going strong!

April 2011

An Award-Winning program - In Conversation with Anne Deveson; The Deadliest Plague in History – The Spanish Flu of 1918/19; Rural Women’s Learning in Later life; The Lyceum Club – Broadband for Seniors.

March 2011

Men and Sheds; Building Family Opportunities; The Law Spot – Program 12; Mates can help! – Men’s Health; Film Review - The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest; Abilities for All – Taperoo Community Centre; The Law: Young People, Parents and Schools - Program 13: Some of the many positives!

February 2011

Learning Journeys in the Tertiary Education Sector; Law Program 9: Cyber-bullying – It goes under the radar!; Film Review – The King’s Speech; A Good Read – Finding a Good Book!; Duty of Care: Does it cease at the old school gate?; Community Centres in Focus – The Hut at Aldgate; Perspective – Work/Life Balance? Or Life Portfolios?

January 2011

The Law: Young People, Parents and Schools - Programs 5 to 6 of 13; Meet Colin Thiele - Programs 5-6.

December 2010

The Law: Young People, Parents and Schools - Programs 1 to 4 of 13; Meet Colin Thiele - Programs 1-4; Film Reviews – The American, and a Review of 2010 Films.

November 2010

Studying Forest Science on Campus in Mount Gambier; From Paper Records to U-tube: The work of present-day Archivists; A Good Read – Fallen, by Lauren Kate; Building Literacy Skills for the World of Work; Building Better Boards Programs 1-2 of 5; Neighbourhood Centres – An Entry Point into Learning; Film Reviews – The Social Network; Literacy and Numeracy - Students with a Refugee Background; Workforce Participation through South Australia Works; A Good Read - The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold.

October 2010

Community Development in Action; MacKillop in Schools and Tenison Woods in Adult Education – a Great Combination!; Community Centres – Building links with Vocational Education and Training; Film Reviews – The Girl Who Played With Fire.

September 2010

Adult Learners Week – Murray Bridge Community Centre; Film Reviews - The Ghost Writer and Salt; Managing Change in Our Lives; Heysen and Hahndorf; Managing Work Life Boundaries; An Award Winning Family Literacy Program; Learning with Information Communication Technology.

August 2010

Unlocking Community Power and Creativity; Massive – Art Exhibition at Eastwood Community Centre; “Why wouldn’t you feel happy coming here!” - Volunteering in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens; Murray Bridge Community Centre; The Role of CANH in supporting Adult Community Education; Film Review - Inception; My Learning Journey - Sarah; Building Literacy in Young People - Children’s Book Week Winners; Adult Learners Week – South Australia .

July 2010

Mount Gambier – an aspiring Learning City; Nationally Accredited Training in Community Services; A Good Read - Cook Books; Asia Literacy and the National Curriculum; The Law Spot - Our Connected Kids; Multi-Literacies: Health Literacy; Redundancy – Changing the Negatives into Positives.

June 2010

An innovative Year 13 Yazz Program; Skint! Making Do in the Great Depression; Global Environmental Change – Who are the victims?; Film Reviews - Iron Man 2 and Robin Hood; Literate Australia; Redundancy – Making the Transition back into the Workforce; Looking after our gifted students; Learning Journeys - Avon Art and Craft Guild.

May 2010

Collaborative Learning in Regional Australia; The Flinders University IMMERSE Program; Film Reviews – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Date Night; Older Workers – Staying in the Workforce; Law and Justice in Your Community; Studying Forest Science on Campus in Mount Gambier; A Good Read - “I Am An Emotional Creature”; Professor Ruth Deakin Crick and Learning Power; Health Literacy and Social Capital; Flexible Learning in Mount Gambier.

April 2010

Community Learning – A Visit to the Mount Barker Family House; So what is organisation learning with Dr Paddy O'Toole; Cyber-bullying revisited; Student Wellbeing in Schools and Communities; A Good Read – Dead Until Dark; Naracoorte’s Independent Learning Centre; Building a new business in the Coonawarra; MacKillop and Tenison Woods - Educators.

March 2010

Balancing Work in our Lives; Movie Review - Avatar; Literacy – Working with First Nation People; Northern Lights – An Adelaide Festival of Arts Event; Building resilience in early career teachers; A Good Read - A Tale of Two Suburbs; Palaeontology Week - South Australian Museum; Adult Literacy - The Strengths In Us All; Film Reviews – The Hurt Locker and Green Zone.

February 2010

A Unique Art History Course; Hollywood’s First Australian – Part 2; Informal Learning; Shake Your Family Tree; E-Learning for Workplace Training; A Good Read - Espalier; Abilities for All – 128 Success Stories; A Bilingual Everyday Australian English Picture Dictionary.

January 2010

Hollywood’s First Australian – Part 1; Meet Music Maker Andy Salvanos; Australia Day – Western Australia’s Early Dutch and French Explorers.

December 2009

Building Literacy and Numeracy Skills in Indigenous Communities; A good read: Twilight.

November 2009

The Law: Young People, Parents and Schools. Program 10; Six – A DVD on issues facing many young men; The Grammar Disk – Pah!; Cyber-bullying: Helping young people regain their sense of self worth; Commentary – Professor Gavin Brown.

October 2009

The Law: Young People, Parents and Schools. Program 6-9; Selia’s Learning Journey; “The limit of my world is the limit of my language!”; A Good Read – Aaron Blabey: Children’s Picture Book Author; Numeracy teaching – Value free and culture free?; WELL Project – Fitzroy Crossing, Western Australia; Film Review – Mao’s Last Dancer.

September 2009

The Law: Young People, Parents and Schools. Program 1-5; Learning Journeys - Barriers to Learning; Learning Communities – The Hume Global Learning Village; Film Review: Inglourious Basterds; A Good Read – In the Land of Invisible Women.

August 2009

Communication Skills for Engineers; Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination; Mental Health First Aid – Award Winning Program; Adult Learners Week at Tea Tree Gully; A Day in Pompeii; Learning Journeys – Elizabeth Chenoweth; Three Learning Communities in SA; An Interview with the Minister - The Honourable Michael O’Brien MP, South Australia’s Minister for Employment, Training and Further Education; The Law: Young People, Parents and Schools. Program 1.

July 2009

Training and Skills in the Mining Industry; Retaining your Volunteers; A Good Read – President Obama: The Path to the White House; Adult Learners Week Project, through the Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Be Active – All Ages; So what is Air Gondwana?

June 2009

Building Better Boards – Program 5 of 5; Learning to be drier! A not-to-be-missed interview; Port Lincoln’s Community House; Building Public Speaking Skills; A Good Read - “The Name of the Wind” by Patrick Rothfuss; Older Men’s Learning.

May 2009

Building Better Boards – Program 1-4 of 5; Let’s Talk Secret Codes – Program 2 of 7; Film Review - Duplicity; Falls Prevention – an Education Strategy; A Good Read – October, by Richard B Wright; The 2008 Ministerial Declaration on Adult Community Education; Film Review – Angels and Demons; Broadband for Seniors.

April 2009

How to get your school moving and improving; The Chelsea – Another Supermarket?; What do students expect of their lecturers?; The Economic Value of the ACE Sector; A Good Read – The Second Half of Life; Conversational English; Let’s Talk Secret Codes – Program 1 of 7; A Radio Celebration – Sir Douglas Mawson.

March 2009

In the Aftermath of Tragedy - Role of Neighbourhood Houses in Victoria; Medical Decision Making – Young People (Part 3 of 3); Cinema Reviews: Slum Dog Millionaire; The Compulsory Education Age in South Australia; Mawson Lakes – A Learning Community; Meet Dawn Kelson – Coordinator, Gawler Community House; Homelessness - A Reality for Many Young People; The Market and the Dance – Informal Learning in Action; A Good Read – The Librarian; Bobby Dazzler – Celebrating the Helpmann Centenary; Three Dog Night – Meet author Peter Goldsworthy; Two movies directed by Clint Eastwood – Gran Torino and Changling.

February 2009

Hard Times – Some realities for ordinary Australians; Cinema Reviews: I’ve Loved You So Long; So what is flexible delivery of training?; New SACE – Personal Learning Plans; Medical Decision Making – Young People (Parts 1 and 2 of 3); Man Alive Festival 2009; A Good Read #1; Abilities for All – A South Australian Success Story.

January 2009

Mental Health First Aid; Hans Heysen; Who wouldn’t be happy coming here – Adelaide Botanical Gardens; Convict Hulks.

December 2008

The Fremantle Men’s Shed; I Still Have It - I just can’t remember where I put it - Confessions of a Fiftysomething, by Rita Rudner; Let’s Talk Secret Codes – Program 7 of 7 - national adult literacy survey; Study Circles (Australia) and Everyday Democracy (USA).

November 2008

Computing for Seniors - with Nan Bosler OAM; Older Men in Rural Australia; Let’s Talk Secret Codes – Program 5 of 7 – Financial Literacy and Visual Literacy; Community Economic Development – Armadale Western Australia; Film Reviews – Burn After Reading, and Journey to the Centre of the Earth; Supporting Learning Communities; Literacy and the World of Work; Students as Active Citizens - Angus McFarland.

October 2008

Engaging the Disengaged; Hidden Faces Revealed; Let’s Talk Secret Codes – Program 3 of 7; Connecting Faces, Places and Spaces – Milang Old School House; Film Review – Wall-E.

September 2008

Perspective – Adult Literacy in Australia Today; The Economic Benefits of Lifelong Learning; Let’s Talk Secret Codes – Program 1 of 7; So what is the Digital Economy?; Film Review – The Bank Job; A visit to Aldinga Community Centre; Connecting Faces, Places and Spaces - Community Learning; Let’s Talk Secret Codes – Program 2 of 7; A Good Read – How Books Help Babies and Toddlers.

August 2008

The Overseas Chinese Association prepares for Adult Learners Week; The positive side of Psychology; A Good Read – with Sarah Knight; Marion Learning Festival; Learning at Work – on the Farm; More about …….. Learning @ Work; Older workers – we need them in the workplace; Film Review - The Dark Knight; Meet Julia Gane – National Co-ordinator of Adult Learners’ Week; Streets of Learning – Tea Tree Gully; Meet Michelle Rudd – Award-winning visual artist.

July 2008

My Gambling Story; A Good Read – A Thousand Splendid Suns, by Khaled Hosseini; The 2008 MacKillop Oration; Celebrating Adult Learners’ Week in Regional SA; Reviews: Get Smart; Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull; The Jane Austen Book Club; Mental Health First Aid; Financial Literacy – Making the Most of Your Money.

June 2008

My Gambling Story; Teaching physics today; Conflict at work and at home - it can be very good for you; Grammar Gremlins; A Good Read - The Marsh Birds, by Eva Sallis (Allen and Unwin).

May 2008

Film Review; Meet Julie ….. and her note-taker; What’s on in Law Week?; Grammar Gremlins – Parts 1 and 2; Neighbourhood House Week; A Good Read – with Robert Rungkat; Convict Hulks – Life on the Prison Ships; Teacher stress; Film Reviews - Iron Man and The Painted Veil.

April 2008

Film Review; It’s National Youth Week – Shout, Share, Live, Unite!; Ranking universities; Hidden faces revealed; A good read; Learning to read - in prison; Story-telling - still important today; Developing Innovation in Young People.

March 2008

International Women's Day - 8 March; Creating workforce diversity; The recent Academy Awards - a reflection; 1995 A W Jones Lecture, delivered by (then) Dr Lowitja O’Donoghue; So what do students expect of lecturers?; A Good Read – Short Stories; From homelessness to university; The railway station that became a church; The positive side of Psychology.

February 2008

The Reading Writing Hotline; Film Review; Abuse of Elderly People; Learning Journeys 5 (Rpt); Ned Kelly – Australian Legend!; Refugees and Transcultural Health; Building leadership in Australian schools.

January 2008

Learning Journeys Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 (Rpt); Family Records in Adelaide; Eating Disorders; Glenna's Story - Parts 1 and 2 (Rpt);

December 2007

My Gambling Story – Parts 5 & 6; Digital Natives?; It’s a Legal Matter – Behind the Wheel - Parts 1 & 2; Keeping the Memory of our World – archives and archivists; Meet SA’s Adult Educator of the Year.

November 2007

Australia’s Learning Ambassador of the Year – Nan Bosler OAM; Film Reviews; Milang Old School House Community Centre, Co-winner of the Australian Adult Learning Community of the Year in 2007; Mental health and online support; It's a legal matter - behind the wheel - Part 3.

October 2007

My Gambling Story series; Health literacy; Meet SA's Adult Educator of the Year; Digital photography for people with acquired brain injuries; World Teachers Day - who are our new teachers; Film Reviews - The Bourne Ultimatum and Deborah Kerr; The lighthouse career education project.

September 2007

Adult Learners’ Week – An Interview with the Minister; Simply the Best - Women in the Records; Celebrating Adult Learners’ Week; Eating Disorders; Glenna’s Story – Part 1.

August 2007

Family History Week; Movie Reviews; Learningfull Conversations; More on Family History Resources; In Conversation with Anne Deveson; Child safety on the internet – a New Zealand initiative; Finding that Work-life balance!; Ambassadors for Learning.

July 2007

Calling all visual artists!; What Makes a Good Teacher?; Volunteering in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens; So what is Food Tourism?; Mascapades.

May/June 2007 - program in recess

April 2007
A short history of Ford in Australia - Parts 1 and 2; Meet Aldo Pratali - Parts 5 and 6.

March 2007
Aspects of Ageing - Making your Will; An e-learning project in Ballarat; Meet Aldo Pratali - Parts 1 to 4; From old bush school to a vibrant community telecentre; Evaluating a mentoring project; Bushranges and Airmen; Film Reviews; Hamlet - still going strong after 400 years.

February 2007
Children, Literacies and New Technologies - with Prof Victoria Carrington; February Film Review with John McGowan; Heroes and Villains - Australian Comics and their Creators; Renmark Revisited - Part 1 - Picking up the pieces: A Community's Response; Renmark Revisited - Part 2 - Picking up the pieces: Real men do cry!

January 2007
Special Guest - Dennis Olsen AM; Almost our national anthem - Song of Australia; Eyes Lies and Illusions!

December 2006
US Army education - learning worldwide; Justice and Legal Issues - Neighbours - Parts 1 and 2; Film Reviews - Flags of our Fathers, The Departed, and A Good Year; Social Capital and Lifelong Learning; Supporting men.

November 2006
A Short History of Australia's Wool Industry; Griffith University's Eco-Centre; Lock it or lose it - bicycle safety; Management Committees and the Law - Parts 1 and 2; Mawson Lakes students visit Japan; Some recent books for young people; Cyber bullying.

October 2006
In Conversation with Pru Goward Part 2; Making sense of information literacy - with Mandy Lupton; Animate Quarterly - a project of the SA Writers Centre; Resilience Revisited - with Anne Deveson AO; RAW - Real Adventure Women, with Jill Duffield; Erindale - An Award-winning College in Canberra, with Bob LeFebvre; Rosewall Neighbourhood House and Community Shed, Geelong; Learning @ Work - Senator Ursula Stephens; Film Reviews - The Devil Wears Prada / A Prairie Home Companion; ArtUp! - at the Tuggeranong Arts Centre.

September 2006
Interview with the Honourable Gary Hardgrave MP; Learning Journeys - Program 6 - A Men's Shed in Edinburgh SA; Learning Journeys - Program 7 - Florin's story; Meet June Hazzlewood OAM; Film Review - United 93/Snakes on a Plane; Learning in TAFE - learning at work; Hand - helping Brisbane people with an intellectual disability; In Conversation with Pru Goward Part 1.

August 2006
Survive and Revive - at the Women's Community Centre in Adelaide; Learning Journeys - Part 4 - Learning at Work; National Science Week - with Dr John Long; Financial Literacy - what is it? - with Catherine Birchall; Learning Journeys - Part 5 - Streets of Learning; Re-imagining Educational Leadership - with Professor Brian Caldwell; The early days - a short history of Geelong.

July 2006
Seven Minute Legal – Come and Live with us Mum – Programs 7, 8, 9 and 10; Meet Colin Thiele Parts 8 and 9; WorkVentures; Learning Journeys Part 2 - Virtual First Aid, at Tauondi College; Know before you go - Children's movie reviews; Learning Journeys - Part 3 - Avon Art and Craft Guild; Film Review - Tristram Shandy; Keeping those important family records; So what are blogs and what is podcasting.

June 2006
Seven Minute Legal – Come and Live with us Mum – Programs 3, 4, 5 and 6; A passion for teaching; NetAlert - Keeping your kids safe online; Meet Colin Thiele Part 7; SA Launch - Adult Learners Week; Film Reviews - Da Vinci Code, Eight Below and The World’s Fastest Indian; Learning IT Skills - At a Distance.

May 2006
Meet Colin Thiele parts 3 - 5; Conflict at work and at home; Changing your world with technology; "I didn't know!" - some legal and other matters for association officers; Opening doors to the law; Seven Minute Legal – Come and Live with us Mum – Programs 1 and 2; Healthy GPs.

April 2006
Diet and prostate cancer; So what is a study circle?; The church in the vines - Sevenhill; Ignatius Loyola and the early years of the Jesuits - Br John May SJ; The Jesuits leave Europe in 1848, and the foundation of Sevenhill - Br John May SJ; Wartburg to Bowden - a faith journey; Gambling - the real story (repeat); Film Review - A History of Violence; Meet Colin Thiele - parts 1 and 2; Silver Screen in the Shoalhaven.

March 2006
The changing role of libraries; The academy awards - a reflection; Men’s Sheds – Older Men’s Learning Spaces and Programs in Australia; Childhood Obesity and the Media; From Perth to Sydney - by wheelchair.

February 2006
Pooraka Farm Neighbourhood House Quilt; IT Health Checks; Hollywood's First Australian; young people and technology; kayaks today; Mountaineer and expedition leader Duncan Chessell.

November 2005
Community Gardens; Book Reviews with a focus on aspects of South Australian community life - written by Jan Gaebler; Under-employed? Then find out about The Work Bank; Film Review - Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang.

October 2005
Film Review – Into The Blue; Find the work / life balance; Learn @ Work 6 – Making for Better Managers.

September 2005
Understanding Cancer; Film Review – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; Learn @ Work 1 - You learn a lot on the farm!; Learn @ Work 2 - It's more than stacking shelves; Learn @ Work 3 - Redundancy - learning helps; Learn @ Work 4 - Volunteers learn too; Learn @ Work 5 - Learning for Aboriginal Apprentices; Adult Learners Week - Alan Tuckett.

August 2005
Adelaide's Trams Revisited; Resilience Part 1 - Interview with Pru Blackwell; Resilience Part 2 - Interview with Anne Deveson Film Review – War of the Worlds; Help is at hand for parents.

July 2005
I want to read to my kids; Old people have rights too; International Men's Health Week; Get to know Mozart - 5 part series; Film Review – Batman Begins; And yes, we learn at work too!

June 2005
Roseworthy Revisited; What sustains teachers?; Every School's Worst Nightmare; Breaking the Cycle of Disadvantage with the Smith Family; Living with the planet in mind.

May 2005
Lochend – Charles Campbell’s House in Campbelltown; Italians in Adelaide – History and contribution to society; Old Highercombe Hotel Folk Museum, Tea Tree Gully; Donate blood for winter; Internet - Keeping kids safe online; Problem Gambling – effects on individuals and families.

April 2005
Living Loud in Salisbury; History of Adelaide’s Trams – A Visit to St Kilda Museum; Children and Families in Transition – Kids and family breakup; Peter Sculthorpe’s Small Town (1963); Meet Colin Thiele – 12 part series, broadcast from 01 April 05; Film Review – Being Julia; Film Review – Robots; Alzheimers Research – Feeding the Fish at Adelaide University; Blackham Environment and Conservation Centre; Starting a Franchise business; Parents Return to Work Initiative.

March 2005
Wartburg to Bowden – A Faith Journey – Lutherans in SA; State Library of South Australia – A tour of the new building; Men’s Health, Davoren Park; Hollywood’s First Australian – Biography of John P McGowan.

February 2005
Sri Lanka – after the Tsunami; Vietnam and Cambodia – A Learning Journey.