August 2005

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Friday 5 August

Health, Wellbeing and Relationships

Resilience – Part 1
The word resilience is becoming more widely used these days to refer to our ability to deal with disappointment, illness or trauma in our lives. From the City of Salisbury in SA, Manager for Community Services Pru Blackwell speaks about a seminar coming up in two weeks time, on this topic of resilience, and on the role of local government in facilitating events that address the changing needs of communities. The seminar is open to all with an interest in health and wellbeing.

Media and Technology

Film Review – The War of the Worlds
And Learning Works's film reviewer John J McGowan revisits The War of the Worlds back in the early 1950s and then reviews the new version, with Tom Cruise.

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Friday 12 August

Health, Wellbeing and Relationships
Help is at hand for parents!
A report released by the Australian Childhood Foundation has revealed that 70% of Australian parents feel they are under significant community pressure to get ‘their parenting right’ in today’s rapidly changing society. One in four parents reported they risk being negatively judged if they admit to having a problem with their parenting and this pressure stops them from asking for help in times of difficulty. In Take Time this week, Tony Ryan’s guest is Dr Joe Tucci, Chief Executive of the Australian Childhood Foundation.

Friday 19 August

Adelaide’s Trams Revisited
For many weeks, Adelaide’s only remaining tram service has not been running from Victoria Square to Glenelg, because of major track maintenance in readiness for the new trams early next year. With the trams now back in service, today we revisit some of Adelaide’s history and hear of the once-extensive network of trams that serviced many of Adelaide’s suburbs. This is a repeat of a program first broadcast in February of this year.

Friday 26 August

Resilience – Part 2
Today we return to that word Resilience, and to author, journalist and advocate for mental health and wellbeing, Anne Deveson. During her recent visit to South Australia, Tony Ryan recorded this extended and exclusive interview with Anne Deveson.

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Resources – help for parents – Australian childhood Foundation

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