March 2005

Program summaries for Learning Works, and for selected programs, some additional resources for listeners to follow up on the program.

Friday 25 March (Good Friday)
Wartburg to Bowden - A Faith Journey

Wartburg Castle in Germany is where Martin Luther, in hiding from the Catholic Church, translated the Bible into German. And close by at Eisenach, J S Bach composed some of the most wonderful sacred music we have, based on biblical texts and again using the German language.

For this Good Friday program, Tony Ryan visited the national Lutheran Archives, now based in the Adelaide suburb of Bowden. Included are interviews with the Lutheran Archivist Lyall Kupke, and with German scholar and researcher Dr Lois Zweck, together with some of the music from J S Bach's St Matthew Passion. This 30 minute program was broadcast on Good Friday through the Community Radio Satellite to many community radio stations around Australia.

Fact Sheet: Historical background and music details - click here
Music: St Matthew Passion, by JS Bach.

Audio (MP3) - To hear the interview in full, click here

Friday 18 March
Hollywood's First Australian

Born in Terowie SA, J P McGowan (1880 - 1952) was one of Hollywood's most prolific pioneers: actor, director, screenwriter, producer and industrial advocate for the motion picture industry. Known as the Railroad Man, for his specialisation in action movies involving railroads, the iconic silent series The Hazards of Helen featured his first wife, Helen Holmes.

Tony Ryan's studio guest is Adelaide writer and director John J McGowan, who wrote this biography of his famous namesake. Also in the program, another fascinating but mostly unknown story, this time of the Boer War Memorial on North Terrace outside Government House. The monument is about to be restored.

Fact Sheet: Further background to Hollywood's First Australian. Click here.

Biography of a Hollywood Pioneer - J P McGowan
Written by John J McGowan
Published by McFarland
ISBN 0-7864-1994-6 2005

Friday 11 March
Living Loud in Salisbury

The people of Salisbury are seen as the City's greatest asset. Most Salisbury residents over generations firmly believe that this is one of the best places on earth. The City of Salisbury, in conjunction with Messenger Community Newspapers, have organised Salisbury - the Living City, a major program to celebrate all that is positive about Salisbury life. Living Loud is the first event to celebrate Salisbury pride.

In the studios of PBA FM, Salisbury Marketing Manager Richard Watson is in conversation with Tony Ryan. And that is followed by the final program in our series Rural Men.

Link: The City of Salisbury -

Friday 4 March
Focus on Men's Health

In addition to a Men's Art Group, Playford Community Health Centre in Davoren Park has a well-established Men's Support Group, with a focus on issues such as relationships, unemployment and work, depression and stress management, parenting, self-esteem, separation, and attaining personal goals. In this program, Tony Ryan talks with social worker Tony Gurd about the support available to men in the Elizabeth/Davoren Park area of Adelaide.

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