May 2005

Program summaries for Take Time, and for selected programs, some additional resources for listeners to follow up on the program.

Friday 6 May

History – Old Highercombe Hotel Folk Museum
The work of the pioneers of the Tea Tree Gully region is commemorated in the Old Highercombe Hotel Folk Museum. Opening in 1854 as the Highercombe Hotel, it served as a focal point for the local community, including for public meetings, dances and the like. From 1875, it was used as the Tea Tree Gully Post Office, a function which continued through until 1963. It was taken over in 1967 by the National Trust.

For Take Time, the President of the Tea Tree Gully and District Historical Society, and member of the Tea Tree Gully Branch of the National Trust, Carole Simmonds takes us through the museum and talks about the fascinating history of this remarkable building.

Download Fact Sheet on the Old Highercombe Hotel Folk Museum
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Friday 13 May

Gambling – The Real Story
Horse racing is much in the news in Adelaide right now, with many punters trying their luck. Harmless? For many people, yes. But for many others, gambling is a real problem, with consequences not just for themselves but for their family relationships and family finances, and also in their wider social and work contexts. Financial counsellor Vin Glenn speaks about the real story behind many gamblers.

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Technology - Your kids and internet pornography
A recent Weekend Australian article (April 23 – 24) was headed “One in six kids see net porn”. What do parents and teachers need to know about this issue, and what can be done to keep our kids safe online, especially at home. Tony Ryan talks to Elizabeth Handsley from the School of Law at Flinders University and Vice President of Young Media Australia.

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Website: Young Media Australia has many interesting Fact Sheets and other information for parents and young people. Go to

Friday 20 May

The First Italians in Adelaide
History Week is celebrated in SA next week. To mark this, and in addition to our earlier item on the Old Highercombe Hotel Folk Museum, and next week's item on Lochend House in Campbelltown, Take Time this week looks at the coming of the early Italian people to Adelaide’s eastern and northern areas. Our guest is Diana Chessell, Research Fellow with the Hawke Institute at the University of South Australia. So if you don’t know anything about the first Italian settler in Adelaide, then this Take Time program is for you.

Audio (MP3) - Hear the full interview on the Italians in Adelaide, with Diana Chessell

Friday 27 May

Lochend House
Do you know who is called the father of the City of Campbelltown, in Adelaide's north eastern suburbs? Not surprisingly, his surname was Campbell – Charles Fox Campbell. In 1844, Charles Campbell built Lochend, by the River Torrens, and lived there for just eight years. As this is History Week throughout South Australia, we visit Lochend and find out about the restoration of this heritage building, with Mike Boyle, Campbelltown City Councillor and the person most involved with the restoration of Lochend House.

Audio (MP3) – Hear the full interview on Lochend House, with Mike Boyle.
Fact Sheet: Some history of Lochend House (PDF)

Winter supplies of blood needed
What is involved in giving a donation of blood? Why are supplies need at this time of year? How does your donation of blood assist the health and indeed the life of other Australians? Tony Ryan speaks to Danielle Ursini, Marketing and Community Relations Manager with Australian Red Cross in Adelaide.

Audio (MP3) – Hear the full interview on donating blood, with Danielle Ursini
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