PROJECT: Learning Journeys

The Learning Journeys project aims to use the medium of community radio to spread inspirational stories about adult learning.

Following on from the success of the Learn@Work CD produced for the 2005 Adult Learners’ Week, PBA FM in Adelaide has been commissioned to produce another CD of stories for this year’s festival. To be titled Learning Journeys, the CD will feature seven programs of approximately ten minutes duration with individuals engaged in exciting adult learning programs and activities.

Learning Journeys is produced at PBA FM in Adelaide with assistance from the Adult Community Education and Community Partnerships Unit of the SA Department of Further Education Employment Science and Technology, in preparation for Adult Learners Week 2006.For further detaila about Adult Learners Week, see

From left to right: For many working in the Adult Community Education sector, being interviewed for radio series such as Learning Journeys or Learning Works, is their first real experience for contributing a media interview. In a Media Awareness Workshop organised prior to Adult Learners' Week 2006, Mandy Lyons, Emilia Cioccia, Debbie Lange (all from the Womens' Community Centre) Annette Annandale-James and Sarah Whittaker (both from SA Department of Further Education Emloyment Science and Technology) get pointers from Learning Works producer Tony Ryan (seated left) about speaking with confidence on radio.


The first program in the Learning Journeys series will be broadcast in the weekly radio series Learning Works, on Monday 26 June, 2006 at 8.30pm and will be repeated the following Friday at 9am. The remaining programs will be broadcast fortnightly, with programs six and seven scheduled to go to air during Adult Learners’ Week.


In addition, each of the programs will be broadcast on Community Radio Station PBA FM (89.7) in the weeks leading up to and during Adult Learners’ Week. A Learning Journeys CD will be sent to some fifteen community radio stations across South Australia, as soon as they become available in late August 2006. For transmission details, check with your local community radio station.


All seven programs will also be available online as mp3 audio files soon after each transmission, by going to the Online Resources section of the Learning Works website - Included adjacent to these mp3 audio files will be some one page Discussion Starter sheets for use in learning activities.


Program 1: Learning IT Skills - at a distance!
Learning in remote South Australia, using internet technology through the TAFE SA Port Lincoln Campus.
Contributors: Margaret Granger, Denise Janek
First broadcast Monday 26 June
Hear Program 1- mp3 audio

Program 2: Virtual First Aid
The Virtual First Aid Practice Firm is an award-winning initiative of Tauondi College – an Indigenous training organisation located in Port Adelaide
Contributors: Silvy Sanzari, Kevin Colemann, Damien Ralphs
First broadcast Monday 10 July
Hear Program 2 - mp3 audio

Program 3: Stitching it together at Avon
The Avon Art and Craft Guild offers courses in basic craft skills suitable for cottage industries in a rural environment.
Contributors: Jill Stewart, Pam Holloway, Susan Mudge, Bob Wallace
First broadcast Monday 24 July
Hear Program 3 - mp3 audio

Program 4: Learn @ Work Today
Celebrating workplace learning through some simple workplace strategies.
Contributors: Jenny Lauritsen, Glenda Mather, Mark Kemperman
First broadcast Monday 7 August
Hear Program 4 - mp3 audio

Program 5: Streets of Learning
Some ideas for the statewide Streets of Learning project from a Community and Neighbourhood House perspective
Contributors: Marie Smith, Karen Bradford, Alison Wall
First broadcast Monday 21 August
Hear Program 5 - mp3 audio

Program 6: Making it in a Men’s Shed
For some disadvantaged men, learning with other men on a project of common interest is often the best way to learn. Recorded at the Peter Badcoe VC Centre at Edinburgh.
Contributors: Ian Jamieson, Ian (Patch) Campbell, Brad Walker, John Leicester, Jeunice and Bill.
First broadcast Monday 4 September
Hear Program 6 - mp3 audio

Program 7: From a Distant Land
From Romania to Adelaide - the story of Florin, a recently arrived skilled overseas student studying to improve his English language skills.
Contributors: Florin, Meredith Gavanon
First broadcast Monday 11 September
Hear Program 7 - mp3 audio


To obtain the most leverage from the ‘Learning Journeys’ project, individuals and organisations may like to consider some or all of the following learning activities:

  • Incorporate the programs featured on the CD as discussion starters in adult learning programs, or in conversation café style settings eg Learningfull Conversations;
  • Make a direct approach to local commercial and community radio stations to ask them to conduct other ‘Learning Journeys’ style interviews during Adult Learners’ Week;
  • Work in collaboration with public and institutional libraries to feature the CD in promotional displays and to facilitate access to the CD by the general public;
  • Send out an email to colleagues encouraging them to listen to the PBA FM broadcast of the programs (where relevant) and/or direct them to the mp3 audio files on the Learning Works website; and
  • Alert the State Coordinator of Adult Learners’ Week of other interesting ‘Learning Journeys’ stories that could be followed up and highlighted in various media during Adult Learners’ Week.


For more information about Learning Journeys please contact Tony Ryan on 0408 883 334 or by email to

PBA-FM 89.7