Listeners comments

Like you, I too am not yet ready for full retirement, so keep doing what you do so well as it makes a huge difference to so many people even though you may not know or hear about it.  The confidence you have given to so many through your interviews and your time at PBA FM has been your gift. Take care and I will certainly endeavour to keep in touch. (Adelaide)

Good to hear from you. I'm not in the least surprised to hear about the volume of emails you've had about Learning Works.  It's been a very well conceived and professionally executed body of work and must be very satisfying to look back over what you've achieved with it. I'll be interested to hear the outcome of the award nominations; best of luck with those. (Adelaide)

Many thanks for your note. I passed on your Reflections note to my colleagues in PASCAL and reference to your work has now been posted on the PIE web site ( so that this will reach an international audience. You can access this note on this address. I am pleased to see that you are still active - as I am. (Brisbane)

Grateful and deep thanks for thought provoking and reflective programs which will have shaped the thinking of many and excited them to new and potentially transforming possibilities for seeing and expressing their being in the world. Thank you again for a life of evocation, 'calling out' and giving voice. (Adelaide)

Congratulations on your contribution to ACE in South Australia through the Learning Works program. We have been fortunate to have your experience and passion to promote our sector, and issues that impact on so many in the community. Wonderful reflection piece Tony! (Adelaide)

I was saddened to learn that Learning Works will conclude. I join the many who will congratulate you on your great achievement with this program. I read your Reflection article with great interest and found your career path fascinating. I join you in agreeing that lifelong learning needs to harness the media in innovative ways. Congratulations and good wishes. (Brisbane)

It's understood that you need to pull up stumps on a great body of interview work, Tony but many good innings yet on other pitches. Thanks sincerely for your support and kind words over the years. (Melbourne)

Thank you for this wonderful work and for the great messages you have conveyed with such clarity and professionalism. Thanks for your encouraging and perceptive conversations with me more generally over coffee and more focussed in the studio. (Adelaide)

So sorry to hear this news! I’ve enjoyed listening to your excellent program over the years. We were also very pleased to be featured! I caught sight of you at the Community Centre SA Conference last month but didn’t get a chance to catch up. I hope that – other than the end of Learning Works – all is well with you and your family. Also, that you continue to be involved in the sector! (Adelaide)

Just a word of appreciation for your tenacious and colourful radio work. Your welcome stuff on the WEA is overdue. (Adelaide)

Thanks for your e-mail, tony and congratulations on your award and all the work you have done for Learning Works. I am sure you have also received a lot of personal satisfaction as well for a job well done. (Sydney)

A remarkable job and we shall miss your important contribution. All the best for the future. (Melbourne)

Crikey! What am I supposed to do at half past eight on Monday nights now Tony?! Maybe I will browse while it remains available and check out the back catalogue of interesting items there. I'm sorry to hear that Learning Works is definitely finishing up - I have enjoyed listening to it since late 2006. From past conversations I'm sure you already know what I think of the programme so I won't rehash that, or my opinions on how valuable a thoughtful, well-produced programme like LW seems to be even in this age of the "world wide web". Good luck with everything especially the "possible new involvements". (Adelaide)

I just wanted to say how terrific I think what you have been doing is. It is an extraordinary legacy you leave and humbles people like myself as I can only imagine the dedication, effort, imagination and intelligent thought that would have gone into your body of work. I know ACE will miss your presence and support, as will the local Learning Works audience, and I can only hope that we remain connected to you in some way. I know how well you are respected by ACE members around the country & I hope we can meet again at an ACE event somewhere. Warmest wishes for a rich and stimulating next phase of your life. (Victoria)

Thanks so much for this information and your reflections – you are a marvellous Australian and have done so much for so many people. (Uganda)

A great legacy remains in place as a testament to your dedication to this area of learning.
An achievement that is now embedded both in history and in the future - thank you internet. Well done...a great accomplishment. (Sydney)

Thank you for sharing your reflection on journeys that have always had a purpose of liberating and empowering others to reflect , learn and move on. May your moving on be peaceful and I wish that the new leg of your the journey provides openings to new riches.

Thanks for sharing this with us, Tony. Sad that they're not continuing (but I'm sure you'll find that the time gets filled up in some way or other, perhaps a bit less demanding of constant attention). You can be very proud of what you've done.

Thank you for your commitment to Learning Works over the past 6 years. I have enjoyed many of the programs and it has been to the sector’s benefit to have you driving this project. The acknowledgements given have been well earned. (Brisbane)

What a wonderful achievement you have created Tony. The CD’s will be a lasting record of your interviews and I am sure you have given many people confidence to go on to bigger and better things just by taking the time to listen to their stories. (Adelaide)

I was very sorry to learn of the final program of learning Works. As you know I enjoyed listening to so many of those programs and I am well aware of their great value to the community and as a voice for so many who were unlikely to be widely heard otherwise. Congratulations on your great contribution to so many people in those six years of promoting community interests and concerns. Your reflection on the time is a brilliant piece of writing that so well encapsulates the value of the service and your own personal feelings about being part of such an enterprise. I can fully understand how you felt on going back to your first classroom. My little one-teacher school is now in a country museum set up exactly as it was in the early 1950s and I well remember how I felt on stepping back into it many years later. Teaching is indeed a great career both to begin with and then to have other allied opportunities. I see your leadership of Learning Works as a great continuation of the teaching work you began 50 years ago and your quote about the end is where we start from is so appropriate for your contribution to education in so many ways. It has been a good learning process for me to hear so many interesting programs over the last few years so thank you very much for putting me in touch with the program in the first place and keeping me so well informed about what was on offer each session. (Adelaide)

Thanks sincerely Tony for a great and very useful body of professional work. (Ballarat)

I'd just like to add a personal thanks for your contribution, not only through Learning Works, but also for the many occasions over the years when you were such an important part of Adult Learners' Week. It's been a pleasure to have been associated with you. Very best wishes with your future endeavours. (Adelaide)

That is so sad, Tony – I think you did a wonderful job and the show fulfilled such an important role. Thank you for a fine and very timely contribution to Australian scholarship and knowledge. Please keep in touch. (Sydney)

Thank you, Tony. I regret too that your project is coming to an end after such a long period. It is kind of you to keep me informed. Congratulations on your achievement, just one of many. (Canberra)

I am sorry to hear that your programs are ending. They were most informative and kept people in the industry up to date with latest development in the field of learning. You always presented the programs in a most professional manner and are to be commended on over six years of dedication and commitment to the production of the program. Well done. (Adelaide)

Thank you for the wonderful contribution that you have made to raising public awareness about the administration of justice in South Australia. You came to me with an interesting offer to speak on Law Week and other justice matters, and I then became a regular on your 'Learning Works' journey. All journeys have an end - that end is not necessarily something to be waited, rather it can be a matter of choice - not always one's own choice. In your case, however, it seems to me that the journey's end is something that you have achieved; and you should be proud. I certainly am proud to have shared some of your journey. (Adelaide)

I am very grateful for the body of work that you have created over many years. I feel sure that many others feel the same. The impact of this will be felt for a long time, I feel sure, and the record you have created it priceless. Unfortunately your work has been so innovative that it doesn’t fit in any government plan. Still, I agree that all endings are just new beginnings, and I look forward to hearing what you will do next. All the best for the future. (Adelaide)

Thanks for sending this information… .yes I agree it is sad to see it closing … but good that it goes into that great repository in space for future reference. All the best. (Adelaide)

I am so sad that this is finishing – the almighty bottom line I assume. Your program will be missed by many. (Adelaide)

I am sorry to hear that the show is ending. Well done on a valuable contribution over the years. (Adelaide)

Sorry to hear this and best wishes for the future. (Adelaide)

Congratulations on your fabulous work, have enjoyed many of the segments. (Adelaide)

Well that is very sad news and what a shame that people cannot see the value in these types of learning programs. Happy to catch up for a coffee sometime and a nice chat. (Adelaide)

I read your email and your Reflection. Your words are true. I am sorry to hear about the end of the Learning Works Program. I wish you well with your future, I have no doubt I will hear your name again! Many thanks for the program and enjoyed our chats and the interview time spent with you. (Regional SA)

Thank you, Tony. A wonderful project. You must be sad to see it end. (Sydney)

I am sure you feel comfort in your achievements but it is always sad to see the end of an era. (Adelaide)

Thanks, Tony. It was a great project. (Melbourne)