Media Award July 2011

Commendation for The Law Spot

On 22 July, The Law Spot, produced at PBA FM in Adelaide, was recognized in the 2011 Archbishop of Adelaide Media Awards. These awards are designed to “recognise reporting which shows a commitment to truth, balance, fairness and community service.”

A community legal education series of thirteen radio programs around young people, schools, parents and the law, the focus of The Law Spot in the first few programs was on rights and responsibilities of young people; this was followed by several programs on digital technology, mobile phones, the internet, through to cyber-bullying.

The Commendation reads as follows:

“Tony Ryan, producer/presenter - PBA FM Adelaide
The Law Spot (RADIO)
Tony produced an exceptional body of radio that was informative and enjoyable while tackling serious and often confronting issues for parents, teachers and students navigating through our digital world.”

Tony Ryan at the Awards Ceremony, pictured with Archbishop Wilson.

For the full Awards list, click here.

As well as broadcast across Adelaide on PBA FM and available to other community radio stations around SA, the series is now available in full on the Learning Works website – along with a Discussion Starter page for each program. The whole project is also available through the website of the Canadian Clearing House on Cyberstalking.

The Law Spot was made possible with support from the Law Foundation of South Australia. PBA FM acknowledges the assistance during production of Michael O’Connell, SA Commissioner for Victims’ Rights, and Greg Carey from Flinders University.

PBA FM particularly wishes to acknowledge the contributions of Professor Des Butler and Associate Professor Marilyn Campbell (both from Queensland University of Technology), Margaret Coady (The University of Melbourne), Dr Glenn Cupit (University of South Australia), Professor Elizabeth Handsley (Flinders University), Michael O’Connell (South Australian Commissioner for Victims’ Rights), Senior Constable Mick Schooley (South Australia Police), Dr Matthew Sorell (The University of Adelaide), and David Thomson, (Teacher in Residence, Victoria Law Foundation).

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